Cyberia - The television series
t e x t   o n l y   v e r s i o n

i n t e r n e t   T V

watch "Cyberia" over the Internet
via CU-SeeMe.
c y b e r i a   c r e w

learn about the lives of the
"Cyberia" crew.
p r o g r a m   g u i d e s

listing of computer animations and
techno music video seen on
v i r t u a l   w o r l d s

Quicktime movies and descriptions of
the virtual environments created for
introduction segments on "Cyberia."
o t h e r   p r o j e c t s

music videos, a rave culture
documentary, and VR installations.
l i n k s

techno music video, VR, net media,
academic material, and college TV.

Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia

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