A Documentary

We've been moving all around the country. Todd moved from Washington State, to the bay area, and now he's in LA. Rob has moved from Washington, DC to Austin, Texas to Indiana and now back to Austin. All this moving has caused delays, but we're all settled now and we've started to focus on finishing this project. Here's a few glimpses of what to expect

The Flyer Collector

Cindy Kawakami has an impressive collection of event flyers from all around the world. Nothing documents the history of the events better than the flyers. She talks about how she got started collecting, and how she's able to develop such a worldwide collection.

The Fashion Designer

Richard Sharppe of Deep Space Time talks about his patented holographic fashions. In the above graphic, Richard demonstrates the beauty of platform holographic sneakers.

The Video Artist

Dave Richardson of Hyperdelic Video discusses video mixing at events. He's worked events in Australia, Japan, and the US and each audience has different tastes. He talks about the types of images he creates for the various styles of music.


These are a few examples of the people you will meet in PLUR. We tried to cover all aspects of the scene, and the people who contribute to every little detail. They help make it the most dynamic and exciting scene in the world.

Rob Campanell
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