Cyberia was a television series featuring computer animations and techno music video. It's goal was to highlight the creative talents that's emerging from today's computer culture.

The format of the show is typical to most MTV-style video programs. A hostess introduces each clip. Computer animated designs (no fractals, please) are chromakeyed and used for the background.

However, there is one thing different about Cyberia that makes it unique. In a couple of the introduction scenes, virtual worlds featuring computer graphic characters/objects are used to interact with the hostess. These virtual worlds are created using the Vivid Group's Mandala VR authoring system for the Amiga computer.

Cyberia appeared monthly on U Network, a national network of college TV stations. U Network programs the best of student produced television, and has over 100 affiliates in North America. The series has also appeared on Energy TV in Denmark. Because it has a student staff production crew, it is not produced on a regular basis. The series is no longer in production. It was produced from 1990-95

U Network is a non-commercial, non-profit network (i.e. it has no money) and is operated by the National Association of College Broadcasters (NACB). NACB is based at Brown University and is run by a three person staff, several interns, and many volunteers. In addition U Network, NACB publishes College Broadcaster Magazine, sponsors conferences geared toward college radio and television, and operates an Internet listserver.

Cyberia was produced independently by Explicit and later at KVR9-TV. KVR-9 is the only 24 hour broadcast student television station in the USA. In addition to Cyberia, KVR-9 produces about a half dozen other student programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Cyberia is broadcast only. No tapes are available for sale.

Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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