Explicit: Vision and Voice

Explicit is an interactive media production company based in Austin, Texas USA. It's main focus is computer telephony (CTI) and interactive voice response (IVR) which includes specialized voice messaging systems.

Explicit is the producer of Austin Love Life, a voice processing program which gives single people in Austin the opportunity to go out on dates. It features a voice personals section,and a conference section where people can leave voice messages to discuss general interest topics such as movies, television, books, sports,politics, etc...Austin Love Life makes the personals more personal.

It produces the computer animation television series, Cyberia. This series features both computer animated films and techno music video. Explicit also produces music video for techno acts. This is the vision side of Explicit.

Explicit produces programming for the Internet medium. This includes Web pages, amd interactive video programming via CUseeMe.

We believe the Internet medium is the most exciting broadcast technology since television. Our focus is to produce interactive programming for the net's power users -- the under 30 population.

"Cyberia" is the first step. Although it is for mass broadcast television, we broadcast it over the Internet via CUseeMe. Further programming will take advantage of the net's interactive features.

Explicit pushes the boundries of computer telephony from the black and white world of telephone voice messaging to the full blown technicolor world of audio, video, and animation. The "set box" of the future in not some $500 gadget, but rather a $20 tele phone.

Explict is a young company that has a set of idealistic beliefs. Please take a few minutes to read them. They are important to us.

Getting Started with IVR.
An introduction to interactive voice response (IVR). Includes a how-to DIY guide.
Explicit IVR product guide.
A list of all the various Explicit IVR software applications. This is not commericial off-the-shelf software. It is a basic shell used for custom applications.
Explicit production services
A list of the various production services, including internet broadcasting.

Rob Campanell
Austin, Texas USA

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