VOICE: Explicit Product Guide


System for community newspapers to offer a personal ads service. Software can run on industry standard Dialogic voice cards. These cards fit in the expansion slots on any PC, from a 386 up to a Pentium. The system also includes software that will set up the database, print the mailing labels and the instructional letter to the customer.


Software that allows you to retrieve information by phone. Press 1 for ..., Press 2 for ..., etc.. Expandable for as many items as you wish. Nice system for time and weather, sport scores, school lunch menus, church services schedules, horoscopes, soap opera summaries, and TV listings.


These are similar to BBS-style conference systems, except you donít need a computer or a modem. All you need is a telephone. Records voice messages for various general interest topics such as movies, current events, television, sports, religion, music, books, etc.

Discreet Personal Relations

Voice mail system for people having extra-marital affairs. Just enter your access code to retrieve or send messages. Helps prevent suspicious telephone calls at home and the office.

Office Voice Mail Plus

An affordable voice mail system for the small office. Includes audiotex information service for frequently asked questions and credit card capture for afterhours.


Allows callers to retrieve documents. They use an audiotex menu to select the document, and enter their fax number. The software will dial the number for the fax machine and send the document.

Rob Campanell
Austin, Texas USA