Episode #10, November 1993

Computer Animation


Ian Haig
Phillip Institute of Technology

Tuned in genious. K-RAD Man is the story of computer virus that becomes a television game show celebrity. This animation is loaded with mad scientists, video game geeks, and dorky television personalities. K-RAD Man is the best Amiga 500 animation of all time. .

Elnor Kinsella
Texas A&M

A case of trapped hearts looking to break their glass barriers and find their love.

When I was five, all I could see was trees.
Michelle Robinson
Texas A&M

Riding in the passenger seat with the eyes a five year old. Spooky and trippy.

Iraq 1858
Ruben Cabrea
Kansas City School of Art.

The story of an unlucky soldier and his encounter with a group of religous fanatics. Iraq 1858 is an eye-popping adventure.

Music Video

Director: Rob Campanell

Flying tarot cards, pussy cats, and a kitchen sink of assorted images make up this ambient-tribal video. All animation was done in DPaint IV

Time for Tekno
Director: Ben Stokes

The worker 'bots are here. Time for Tekno is a head gripping 3-D animation with all your mechnical voices and boom boxes.

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Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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