Episode #11, December 1993


This month's episode features mostly computer animated art videos from Sheridan College, Texas A&M, Ohio State's ACCAD, and the Kansas City Art Institute.

Moby makes a guest appearance to introduce his music video Move. We created a virtual environment for him. We digitized images from the GO video, created an animation with these, and run it behind Moby. A digitized image of his face is spinning 360 degrees in the upper and lower corners. When he touches his spinning face, it changes to another face that was in the GO video and it triggers the "Go" sound sample.

Paperboy 2000 (aka Dennis Barton) is the other featured music video. The song is Spliffhead, and it's LA hardcore breakbeat.

Computer Animation

Various students
Sheridan College

A compilation of student works featuring Much Music promos and some really cool looking characters.

Ella and her Dad
Matthew Brunner
Texas A&M

A child's imagination is a creative thing.
You don't know Unice, which is probably a good thing

Kirk Kelly
Texas A&M

It's an Afro-Caribe dance rituals, I think?

Zen 3 Tao 2
John Chadwick
Ohio State

Psychedelic blob color metamorphisis.

Gene Cooper
Kansas City Art Institute

Visions of a home filled with ghosts of its former self. Integrates video with computer animation

Music Video


Moby made a guest apperance to introduce his video. He doesn't like the video very well. It's a bit commercial, but I think it looks very pretty.

Paperboy 2000

This was directed by Todd Porter Boedeker, a senior at Washington State University. Live performance, dancing, and people with head mounted displays lost in some virtual worlds.

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Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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