Episode #12, January 1994


There's something new this semester. Cyberia features a brand new opening intro. It's a mix of computer animation, film animation, video animation, and digitized video. The new theme music was created by Sean Simmen, the same guy who does the audio for the show. It's upbeat progressive house techno. Also, we have a give away promotion for Beavis & Butthead's This Book Sucks. Cyberia hostess Jennifer John appears in a virtual environment where she's sitting on the sofa with these two studly characters.

This episode is an all digital animation program, including the techno music video. You are probably going to see it in this format more often since there's more techno music video being done as computer animation. Hope you enjoy the show!

Computer Animation

Shadow Puppets
Chuck Gamble
Rochester Institute of Technology

The life of an indentured servant whose only form of entertainment is hand shadows. No TV for this guy.

Window Pain
Various Students
Ringling School of Art

Something's on the loose, and it's about about to get hammered.

Various Untitled
Various Students
Sheridan College

Four short clips. Beer chugging roosters, fire hydrant's worst nightmare, and a couple of Much Music promos.

Music Video

Love Simulation
From the video compilation: X-Mix-1: The MFS Trip

Cybersexualty. Computer animated dancer. Visions of your human anatomy class.

Cosmic Trigger I
Cosmic Baby
From the video compilation: X-Mix-1: The MFS Trip

Eye popping visuals. Fly away on the wings of a dragonfly.

PLEASE NOTE: Cyberia is broadcast only. It airs on U Network, a national network of college TV stations with over 100 affiliates. No tapes are available for sale.

Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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