Episode #13, February 1994


This month's episode features a couple of computer animated cartoons, and an art video. The computer animated music video comes from Gemini 6 and Comic Baby.

Computer Animation

Strangeness in the Night
Ted Pratt
Rochester Institute of Technology

This work that sheds new insights surrounding the mystery of the laundry monster. If you've ever wondered why you return from the laundrymat with mismatched socks, you are about the witness the shocking truth!

Bongsung Bac
School of Visual Arts

Buddist chants encompass religious images and the power of the mind's spirit.

Determin Vermin
Various Students
Ringling School of Art

Explaination about the phenonoma of food abductions. It uncovers the secret operations of low-life, intestinal beings.

Music Video

Gemini 6
From the video compilation: X-Mix-1: The MFS Trip

Ambient trance featuring humanoid images runnning , jumping, and free-falling, fractal backgrounds, 3-D spinning globe objects.

Heaven's Tears
Cosmic Baby
From the video compilation: X-Mix-1: The MFS Trip

Trance featuring fast color cycling patterns with 3-D objects flying in and out of view. 2-D cavity swirls. Bouncing 3-D topography.

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Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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