Episode #14, March 1994


This month's episode featured five computer animations and two computer animated music video. In one of the scene, we feature a virtual environment where hostess Jennifer John pushes a cat out the window.

Computer Animation

Nick's Place
Ted Pratt
Rochester Institute of Technology

It's the story of Private Detective Nick Face attempting to solve the case of the black cat. A crop of familiar faces appear at Nick's office attempting to steal the black cat.

Jerome Solomon
Georgia Tech

Computer animated characters, Chip, Rez, and Cap star in this video. These circuit brain psychotics are getting terrorized by the brutal "Surge." Our heros are on the run and there's nowhere to hide.

Jason Springarn Koff
Brown University

It's an industrial music influenced animation with dream like qualities. Destruction. Destruction

Various Works
Various Students
Texas A&M University

Electric sockets, jack in the box, heavy metal imagiry, and a lesson in chair assembly.

The Crow and the Pitcher
Chris Walsh
Rochester Institute of Technology

"The Crow and the Pitcher" is a story about a thirsty bird who prefers his drink "on the rocks." This video shows just how far some people will go for one drink.

Music Video

Perfect Night
The Visions of Shiva
From the video compilation: X-Mix-1: The MFS Trip

Did you ever have the experience where you come home one, lay down, and all of a sudden the room starts spinning around? This video captures that experience. Spinning rooms and a humanoid figure float around in space.

Strobe Light
From the video compilation: X-Mix-1: The MFS Trip

Image assult. Very fast cuts of 2D and 3D objects in this hard trance video.

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Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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