Episode #15, April 1994


This is the final episode for this season, and we loaded it up with lots of computer animations. They include works from The Rochester Institute of Technology Brown University, Texas A&M, George Tech, Ohio State's ACCAD, and Wisconsin, plus computer animated music video from Microglobe and Biosphere.

Computer Animation

Chris Walsh
Rochester Institute of Technology

It a period piece about a time when life was very simple --- you hunted wild animals for food, and painted pictures on your cave walls. Those were the good ol' days

Deus Ex Machina
Various Students
Georgia Tech

An old decrepit factory coming to life.

The Visitor
Rob Berry
Ohio State University

The feeling of mysterious energies making their presence known.

Various Works
Various Students
Texas A&M University

Four short works. Pinball games, The Terminator, New agey stuff, and a frog are the themes.

Mr. Cube and the Dinosaur by Jeff Beall
Untitled by Matthew F. [name removed from web site by request on 2003-08-02]
Brown University

Tired of purple dinosaurs? Jeff Beall comes up with an ingenious way to kill off that Barney nemesis. Matthew's work is a real head turner.

Techno Rebel
Joe Tojek
University of Wisconsin

The skate punk lifestyle clashes with authoritative figures who tell you how you should live your life. It's almost enough to make you puke.

Music Video

High on Hope
From the video compilation: X-Mix-1: The MFS Trip

This in an engaging 2-D animation. Makes extensive use of color cycling that moves at the same pace as the beats. The transitions evolve fluidly throughout the song. Snowflakes and flowers are the primary images.

From the video compilation: 3-Lux-3: A Journey through ambience

Total ambience. Three humanoid figures move around in a circular motion. Planetoids orbit the galaxy. Scenes at dusk.

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Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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