Cyberia Episode #16

September 1995


Animations include works from the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Ringling School of Art, and William Patterson College. Cyberia programs it's first gabber video from OVT and some wicked music and visuals from HEX


Various Students
William Patterson College

Students at William Patterson College take to the studio of an art photographer. Through their digital lense, you'll get a slide show of 20th century art.

Leah Bosworth
Rochester Institute of technology

Evil human-eating bagels stalk their way through a convenience store. There's no way to stop the terror.

Various Students
Ringling School of Art

Four short clips from the Ringling School of Art.Outlaw Ernie demonstrates some of the Hellraing hijinks that you can do with booze and a gun. Other works include working at a bubble gum factory, dragons that can fly, and sci-fi imagry.

"The Little Match Girl"
Gretchen Miller
Rochester Institute of Technology

Gretchen Miller of The Rochester Institute of Technology retells the Hans Christian Anderson tale of "The Little Match Girl." She brings the illustrations to life of this holiday classic.

Music Video

Director: Brian Dressel

Gabber gabber gabber yes! The headbanging version of techno has arrived to "Cyberia." OVT provides an image assult at 200 + bpm's.

"Global Chaos"
From the video compilation: "Global Chaos"

This video is from their long from computer animated video "Globas Chaos" where a young woman is out to save the world from ecological destruction armed just the love in her heart.

Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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