Cyberia Episode #17

October 1995


Animations include the Rochester Institute of Technology, Ringling School of Art, and William Patterson College, plus computer animated music video from HEX


Various Students
William Patterson College

It's the visual story of life in a lost city under the sea.

Elouise Oyzon
Rochester Institute of Technology

Conjugations is Elouise Oyzon's story of a one person's feelings. It's an introspective wedding ceremony to free your spirit.

Various Students
Ringling School of Art

Four short clips from the Ringling School of Art. A day in the life of a dog with an itch, while evil men take their hunting dogs out to track down an innocent person. Finally, the Mad Scientist Dr. Vincent von Lobe seeks world domination.

"Guardian Spirit"
John Leisering
Rochester Institute of Technology

John Leisering of the Rochester Institute of Technology takes us on a tour of the scenic Pacific Northwest through the eyes of a Native American. The "Guardian Spirit" is the love of nature.

Sketches of Rome
Various Students
William Patterson College

"Sketches of Rome" is a walk through the grand architecture of the Roman Civilization. It's from students at William Patterson College who let us experience our virtual Roman Bath.

Music Video

"Global Chaos"
From the video compilation: "Global Chaos"

More mind altering images by HEX. It's from their long-form video "Global Chaos"

Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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