Episode #7, February 1992

Computer Animation

Within Normal Limits
Hickmet Sofuoglu
Rochester Institute of Technology

Man Ray art inspired world with metronomes, unicycles, werewolves, and television sets are all integrated in Hickmet's stunning vision.

Andrew Grant
Sheridan College

Origami figures come to life.

Good Morning
Isabelle leBois
Ohio State University

Waking up in the morning. Black coffee and traffic. What a way to start the day. Maybe you should stay in bed and dream about elephants.

Don Ritter
Concordia Univeristy

Mundane everyday task come to life in this multimedia performance. Live digitiezed video is computer controled by improv trombones. Very unusual and imaginative.

Music Video

Dis Moi, Dis Moi

French Canadian singer's Mitsou controversial video that was banned on MuchMusic. A house/dance track of the uncensored version.


Followup to their only hit, Anastasia. T-99 trys too hard for the big time on this one. Check out the diva in this video.

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Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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