Episode #9, October 1993

This episode featured best of "Cyberia" animations from previous season. New music video from DHS.

Computer Animation

Dirty Power
Robert Lurye
Ohio State University

Hot and Sensual. One of the best animations to come out of Ohio State's ACCAD.

More Bells and Whistles
Wayne Lytle
Cornell University

Computer graphic objects acting as a musical band. Lytle wrote the the code for each band member, and it's movement is MIDI controlled. This animation is a technical masterpiece.

Venus and Milo
Donna Cox
University of Illinois

A janitor at a contemporary art museum makes a statement about the art.

Broken Heart
Joan Stavely
Ohio State University

Flying forks, poetry being whispered, and one the best art animations all time.

Le grenouille qui se voulait aussi grosse qu le boeuf
Isabelle Beaudoin
Sheridan College

The frog who wanted to be as big as the cow.

Columbus on the Edge
Various Students
William Patterson College

A journey with Christopher Columbus as he discovers the New World.

Fuzzy Lust
Barbara McAlesse
Rutgers University - Camdem

Falling if love with objects on the TV screen.

Bad Chair
Ted MacLeod
Sheridan College

The adventures of Otto has he tries to avoid the dangerous bad chair in this cartoon style animation.

Cameria Work
Various Students
William Patterson College

Photography and camera models through out the years in this pseudo history of photography.

Cuisene Art
Leong O'Young
Sheridan College

Acorn squash travel through an art museum viewing famous works about fruits and vegetables.

Music Video

House of God

50 dollars or more. Sample TV preachers with a good beat and you get one first techno hits.

Holofonic Remix

Disaster movies with other film sources make up the samples in this bizarre, but great little video. 

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Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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