Hardcore Virtual Environment

This scene features the virtual character SplatterBrain. SplatterBrain owes its inspiration to Cousin Sal, the music critic/reviewer for the Brooklyn 'zine Under One Sky.

The hardcore virtual environment opens up with a choice of three techno music options. Trance, Chillout, or Hardcore. A color cycle image that look similar to a pulsating wide open eye is used to select your musical preference. If you select either Trance or Chillout, the eye transforms itself into a large X that plays a sound sample from a TV game show indicating an incorrect answer.

When you choose Hardcore, the scene changes where you can play a game of Pong. However instead of the little blip, the object that you bounce back and forth off the walls is a brain. Each time you "touch" the brain, a text message appears such as "BRAIN DAMAGE", "CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE", or "FRONTAL LOBOTOMY." Touch the message, and it transforms itself back to a brain. This is a timed scene. Once the time expires, you are left standing there with an image of a brain. You grab the brain, and it splatters in all directions.

After you've just destroyed your brain, the scene changes to a deserted highway where you are traveling. You come across a sign along the roadway which reads, YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE STATE OF DELIRIUM.

Scene fades to black.

Rob Campanell

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