Virtual Characters

HappyHouse - This character is the first "person" you meet as you enter the virtual environment. HappyHouse is a smilely face house with arms that move in a simplified motion of a good raver. The role of HappyHouse is to welcome you into the "progressive house."

Squiggly - This character resembles a fish who transforms its image back and forth. It's first image is a simple hand drawn fish with a "X" for an eye and a chomping mouth with pointed shark's teeth. It's similar to the logo of the former SF punk rock band Flipper. Squiggly transforms itself into a tropical fish whose body scales change from stripes to polka dots. Squiggly's face is covered by Chinese Opera Masks that also change when it's body changes. Boston raver Camper English says when he's raving to progressive house, he imagines himself as a fish on a hook where his body moves in the same symmetrical fashion. The role of Squiggly is to guide you through the rooms, introduce you to fellow ravers, and then set you off on your own.


Happyhouse - HappyHouse moves up and down on the left hand side. Each time you trigger the actor, it begins it's movements. HappyHouse stops after the third movement and a sound sample form a wailing diva comes on and the scene flashes the welcoming message "Come into my house.

Followme - Squiggly appears in this scene and invites the people to follow him. After he swims into you with his chomping jaws, he transforms himself with his Chinese Masks and gets ready to take you through the "progressive house." He's triggered again back to the chomping jaws and takes you through some fast images of fellow ravers. Then back to the Chinese Masks image where Squiggly set you on your way.

Trippy - This is a set of circular patterns evolving from the center of the scene and extending outward. The first pattern included digitized images of pussycats and a playingcard with a teardropped eye. The second pattern features a rose colored digitized image of a high school yearbook photo. The final pattern is pink dots symmetrical around the circles. The trigger used to change the scene is a fried egg floating around the top of the scene.

Patty - This is the final scene. Its intent is to simulate the feeling of the peak rave vibe. Patty featured the stock Mandala paint scene. The paint scene displays colored trails of your body's movements. The trigger used to clear the screen and start new trails was a disco ball mapped with a warped image of heiress/terrorist Patty Hearst continually spinning across the ball.


This Mandala application was intended to capture the experience of a rave from its beginning to the daybreak finale. It starts with getting acquainted with your rave environment, and then leading up to the exhilaration one feels in the morning sun immediately after a good rave. This is why the virtual characters are introduced at the beginning, and then they set you off to discover your own experiences.

Mandala is a trademark of the Vivid Group, Toronto ON.

Rob Campanell
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