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If MTV is your only source for music video in the US, you probably assumed that techno music video doesn't exists. It's around but you've got to be tuned into the underground to find it.

Robert Campanell and Todd Porter have been producing techno music video and programs related to rave/house culture. This Web page is a guide to some of their works.


Director: Todd Porter Boedeker
Producer: Rob Campanell

PLUR is an upcoming documentary about the rave/house community. PLUR attempts to document many of the different aspects of the scene. It features interviews with musicians, DJs, 'zine writers, shop owners, video artists, graphic artists, lighting designers, promoters, the people who collect rave flyers, the people who arrange bus trips to the events, and clothing designers. Music is the nucleus of any cultural movement, but it's both the central and the peripherial people surrounding the movement who give it the energy.

PLUR will air on U Network, an national network of college television stations with over 100 affiliates in North America.

Flux (Quicktime movie, 2.5M)

Produced and directed by Rob Campanell

Flux is a computer animated music video. This ambient/tribal song is performed by Axon [Eric McCormick,] and it appears on the Havoc/Instinct CD compilation Galaxies: A journey through the technosphere. Rob used and Amiga 2000 and DPaintIV software to create the animation. It features digitized images of tarot cards, children, pussycats, and other playful visuals.

Produced and directed by Todd Porter Boedeker

Spliffhead is a breakbeat song from Paperboy 2000 [Dennis Barton,]. Todd directed this video while taking summer courses at USC. This video was shot on black and white Super 8 film. It features images of of dancers, a PA by Paperboy 2000, trippy graphics, and person with a HMD lost in some virtual world.

Spliffhead appears on the Jump Records EP Five Gone Mad . Paperboy 2000 current release Smack appears on the VRG Records / Drive Entertainment compliation LA Hardcore.


We believe techno is the music to lead us into the next millennium. It's the music that we love, and the culture surrounding it has become a major influence on how we live our lives.

There's a lot of anxiety about the changes in world, and things don't seem as secure as they used to be. Techno has allowed us the opportunity to be some of the first people to experience the coming changes. This experience has given us the confidence to know that we have nothing to fear from change.

We've opened our hearts and our minds to the music. We have accessed it's technology and it has brought us together with people from all over the world. This music and it's culture is unlike anything we've ever experienced in our lives.

Rob Campanell
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