Todd Porter

You may have seen my video for Paperboy 2000's "Spliffhead" on Cyberia, I produced, directed and shot it in July of 1993, while attending a film workshop on music video-making at USC. Through the video I met Rob Campanell and he came up with the ideas behind PLUR; A documentary which will profile the techno and house music culture through the words and ideas of those who are part of the culture.

In May of '94, after three years of deep involvement with Washington State University's "Cable Eight Productions;" I graduated from WSU with a BA in Broadcasting and Video production. Since graduating, I moved back to Marin County, Ca., and I was busy with PLUR and other projects.

As of mid-January 1995 I am working in LA at Propaganda films as an assistant to Larry Perel in the "Special Projects" division. I have had the fortune of working as an assistant on a video for Green Day's "When I come around," which was directed by Mark Kohr for Satellite films, I also worked on the "Live Life to the Max" campaign for Pepsi, which was directed by Dominic Sena for Propaganda films.

I plan to do another music video for Dennis Barton (Skylab 2000/ Paperboy 2000) for an as of yet unnamed Skylab 2000 track.

I am very interested in hooking up with people who are involved with the scene in the Los Angeles. I haven't gotten connected since moving down but I am keeping my eye on the Recycler, when I get it together I will post my address. In the meantime, you can address any inquiries to Rob Campanell (

Future plans include, getting a graduate degree in film, directing other documentaries and music videos and starting my own production company.

Todd Porter
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