Script for the Nick Face virtual world

This virutal environment was created as an introduction to a computer animated video for the television series,Cyberia. The animation is the story of Private Detective Nick Face attempting to solve the case of the black cat. In this animation, Nick Face returns to his office where the black cat is sitting on his desk. The black cat is a statue of Felix the cat. A cast of notorious character's appear in Nick's office attempting to obtain possession of the black cat.

Here's the script for the virtual environment:

Jennifer John is standing in the corner of a hallway. The room is a computer generated image. She is chromakeyed into the scene.

Jennifer describes the location in a the manner of an investigative news reporter.

Jennifer: Our first animation is by Ted Pratt from the Rochester Institute of Technology. It's the story of Private Dective Nick Face attempting to solve the case of the black cat.

Jennifer: " As you can see, I'm standing outside the offices of Nick Face,[look to the left at the door] and it appears the black cat has appeared and it's sitting here on the window sill [look to the right at the cat]

Jennifer turns to her side and pushes the cat out the window. This triggers the background to change to an animation where you see the cat falling from a tall office building in a downward direction. Jennifer returns to face the camera.

Jennifer: Nick Face, let's see if you can solve this mystery.

Cut to animation clip

Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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