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This list of links highlights some of the best of alternative culture. It covers raves, zines, the net and underground film and TV. Most of these web sites are created by very talented people who have passion about their work. These folks are the net media's new stars. Enjoy.


Monte McCarter and Paco Xander Nathan take you to culture at the edge via 'zines, fringe commerce, and their pet infobots.
UnderWorld Industries
UWI's guide to some of the Web's most unusual and interesting sites. If you are looking for the best of the Web's underground, you will find it here.
HotWired Magazine. The premier publication for computer culture.
Well written webzine covering dance and trash pop culture.
HeatWave Magazine. Europe's answer to Wired. Most of the article are in Flemish, however there are some in English.
Verbal Abuse
A club culture poetry zine from the folks at the legendary NYC performance club Jackie 60

Music and Video

Extensive archives about all aspects of rave culture. Includes archives of the net mailing lists, song samples, flyers, and much more. One of the net's best sites.
This site features the some of the UK's most innovative and creative talents. Matt Black and friends set the pace for discovering what's next on the scene.
Music Video Feed
Comprehensive links to all the music video programs who have a Web presence. If you're looking for MTV alternatives, you can find it here.
OVT is Brian Dressel's rave visuals. His images have appeared at raves throughout the USA, and are one of the best in this genre. Check out the Quicktime movies from the PROBE video.
Haarlem Hardcore Source
HHS is a European collective of promoters, DJs, musicians, and designers. One of the net's best resources for the European hardcore and gabber scenes.
Postcard from Mokum
Great site with good design featuring RealAudio soundbytes and the complete tracks of popular dance songs in Europe. Not affilited with Mokum Records.

Film and Television

Cyberculture's top filmmaker, David Blair, takes you through an extensive maze of pages filled with images. This site combines the Web with a MOO. One of the net's first VRML sites. Bee-ware.
Low Res Film Festival
Jonathan Wells and friends present the best of low budget short films. Get out the Super8 and start shooting.
Alternative and independent filmakers, most are based in San Francisco.
Tokyo Pop
Tsuyoshi Takashiro's world of of computer graphics and Tokyo TV shows. A bit cheesy, egotistical and over-hyped, but it has some good Quicktime movies. Mr Takashiro is an energetic personality.

Virtual reality

Hot Virtual Reality Sites
The National Institute of Standards and Technology list of virtual reality sites around the net.
Telepresence Research
VR's early pioneers. Get tanked at the "Virtual Brewery"
UK VRSIG 3-D object archives
3-D objects for your VRML pages.


Hypermedia Reserach Center
Dr. Richard Barbrook and others study the net and it's alternative subcultures. A different perspective from across the Atlantic.
Computer-Mediated Marketing
Drs. Donna Hoffman and Thomas Novak try to figure out if commerce can survive on the net.
USC's Entertainment Technology Center
University of Southern California's guide to the latest in computer related technology for the film and television industry. Includes home pages from USC film students. You can say, "I knew them when they were just..."
Northwestern University's RTF site. Heavy into digital media technolgies


London's TimeOut travel guides are an invaluable resource to discovering a new city. They are written by the local people who know their city's alternative scene very well. They will tell you where to find one-off parties and the best weeklies.
Paper Guide
Paper Magazine's extensive guide to New York City. Reviews of weeklies, resturants, bars, galleries, etc. Check out their Daily Paper for the latest events. Link to this site before you visit NYC.


Australian Music Monolith
Links to Quicktime and MPEG music videos on the Web.
Broadcast television
Links to television networks and stations around the world
World Resources of Student Television
Guide to worldwide college TV stations. Mostly European stations.


The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link. Many personal pages from the net's funkiest virtual community.
Tomigaya home page
Personal pages from Japan's netsurfers, ravers, artists, and musicians.
The Andy Warhol Museum
The man who brought pop culture to the art establishment. Images from one of America's greatest 20th century artist.

Rob Campanell
Producer, Cyberia
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