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July 29, 1998

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Fact Versus Fiction - The agony over ecstasy
The Globe and Mail

Welcome To My Rave Nightmare
Sassy, Jan 93

Moby's Story Begins In Suburban Obscurity, Rises With Rave, And Leads To Talk Of A Record Deal
The Grand Rapids Press, 1993

New And Improved
Option Magazine, Jan/Feb 1993

Rave Fave: Moby
Option Magazine #48, Jan/Feb 1993 pg 61

Planet To Planet: The Orb
Option Magazine #48, pg 62, Jan/Feb 93

R A V E O N ! LA & NYC phenom goes to college
U! (college magazine supplement), 22 Feb 93

Techno- Tune In, Turn On, Boot Up.
Keyboard magazine, Apr 93

Echoes, Featuring The Orb
Show 17-W, APR broadcast 28 Apr 1993

Chilling Out With the Stocking-Cap Crowd
The New York Times, Sunday April 1993

Licensing - leaflet excerpt
The [British] Libertarian Alliance, 20 Apr 93

Imagine a '60s hippie love-in with computers instead of sex
Montreal Gazette, 5 May 93

Catching the rave; Parties with casts of thousands hit city
The Montreal Gazette, 08 May 93

Underground Techno Gets Daytime Play With Vocals

Rave revue hits town with ultra-tech sound, lights, fashion of future
The Grand Rapids Press, 17 May 93

It's Something To Rave About
The Windsor Star, 18 May 93

All the Rave
The Windsor Star, 18 May 93

All the Rave: Ravers just wanna have fun
The Windsor Star, 18 May 93

Music Pumps Through Club World
Cleveland Plain Dealer, 21 May 93

Underground designer is on edge of cutting edge
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 21 May 93

Please Belly Up To The Bar For A Smart Drink
Buffalo News, 23 May 93

Cyberfest Adds Up To Less Than a Rave
San Francisco Chronicle: Monday, July 19th, 1993

Technocracy In America
New York magazine, 19 Jul 93

S.F. Panel Backs Easing of Cabaret Curfew Laws
San Fransisco Chronicle, 29 September 1993

Rave on the rise: Is the underground selling its soul?
The Globe and Mail, 9 Oct 1993

Pounding Sound Of Cash
Financial Times, Weekend 30/31 October, 1993

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