electronic publications

selected e-zines hosted by Hyperreal and aligned with our Mission

active publications:

sadly, none.

inactive publications and sample issues:

Ambient Interactive (1994-1995)
produced by Mike Michon. Windows based. Electronic subculture (art, life, technology) oriented.
Reverb (1993-2000)
produced by Dan Sicko, Detroit. Web based, previously Mac based. Detroit techno oriented.
EST (1991-1999)
produced by Brian Duguid, London. Print and web based. Ambient and experimental oriented.
Mac based: Slurp | I/O/D | Chaos Control
Windows based: Kryptik Data
plain text based:  Planet-E (Amiga versions also)
Trance_Fixed | Raving Up North
other: XLR8R (issue 9: Feb 1994)

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