So what is ambient anyhow? (I'm dumb.)

A multimedia zine.

And that is...?

"Multi" is a prefix meaning "many." "Media" are methods of distributing information. Usually they're the corporate types who dictate what we should be like. Unfortunately, we don't like that idea. However, we do like the idea of that free speech thing, and the idea of people going to Kinko's at 1:30am with 32 pages full of text and hand-drawn-stupid-stuff in their greasy hands.

Where can I contact you?

We're available at on the internet. Just tell us what's up... comments, complaints, "You spelled my name wrong," whatever. You can find out more about me (Mike Michon) at my personal home page here.

Who are you anyway?

Well, starting with ambient 4, it seems that there are two of us. Mike Michon and John Hastie are responsible for most of the text, layout, programming, music, and compilation that you see in ambient.

How can I join ambient?

Well, the point of the zine is to cater to a wide variety of audiences, and the only way we can do that and consequently make every issue relatively large is to encourage amateur writers on the net and other areas of cyberspace to submit their articles, artwork, software, etc. You can join ambient simply by sending us anything you want included with instructions of how you want it integrated (we're open minded) to We highly encourage submissions not only to include interesting original text, but just as important are the multimedia graphics, sound, programs, video, and anything else you can think of that you can 'embed' in your text. Embedding works on the same principal as this page that you are reading. Please include anything that will make your article come alive.

So I don't just have to submit text?

Nope. Furthermore, you might be able to think of some great uses for the multimedia embedding system that ambient integrates into text. For instance, in previous issues we've had several album reviews that listed the tracks on the album, and by simply clicking on the individual songs, you are able to listen to samples of them. Also, album covers and band pictures are sometimes imbedded. Or, if you are a computer artist, and would like to submit an image, and you don't want to write an article, simply give it to us and we'll take care of it. We will make an article that only contains credit toward you, and the link which the user can click on to view your image. These are only suggestions; the system is very versatile.

I'm an artist or label. Can I send something for you guys to publicize?

Yup. Lately, we've been getting a few CD's sent to us for review and publication in our magazine. Ambient is a perfect source to reach a target audience: 18-24 year olds (typically college students) who are interested in technology, entertainment, and modern music. If you are an artist wondering where to advertise your CD, think about ambient. We reach over 300 readers each issue, many of whom mail us asking for more information about an album reviewed in our magazine. We would scan any images (usually at least the front cover and a few band photos), but you can send us your precompiled stuff. Also, we would typically choose two or three tracks to sample and include with an article review. And don't worry about bad criticism... we usually judge in a positive critical manner.

How come it took 6 ****ing months to make ambient 3?

Been busy. Screw off.

Why has the name been changed from ambient magazine to ambient interactive?

It's a small change that we agreed upon after deciding that having 'magazine' in the title is redundant and 'interactive' would be a much more descriptive name. The official logo has also been decided upon (at least for issue 4 hehe.)

We kindly thank Mike Brown and the rest of Hyperreal for providing the server space. Finally, we'd like to thank and dedicate Ambient to all the cool stuff on the web. Information wants to be free.
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