We are the representatives of the new culture. We live in the coffeehouses of the metropolitan areas, in the Denny's, at raves, in the trance-filled, peaceful states of existence we call ambience.

We love our neighbors, but we think that hippies were nothing more than prodigal followers. Too bad most of our parents were in that generation. No offense to Mom or Pop, but just exactly what did they leave us? STD's and tie dyed shirts?

We are the new generation. We have a new intelligence. We know how to hide stuff on our graphing calculators. We know how to find info about raves on the net. We do drugs recreationally and we are in touch with ourselves by means of music, individuality (and conversely conformity), and thought.

Thought. We have thought about it all. Our parents suck; they're after us. School is for losers; when are we actually going to use this stuff? We have thought about right and wrong. Every time we put on a condom or inhale smoke we see a little devil o n our shoulder beating the crap out of the little angel on the other. It is a different age and we have different interests.

So what are the integral parts of our lives that together summarize who we are?

(One day you were conceived. The next day and the next day and for 27,000 more you lived your life. Then you died.)

(But along the way, you realized that you are going to have to learn stuff. Some stuff is better to know than others.)

(And You found that some stuff was just too serious. You had to get away.)

Some topics we've covered in the past: appropriation, chaos, industrial music, cyberpunk, smart drugs, the Net, zines, techno, fringe science, raving, virtual reality, sex, dadaism, poetry, politics, dancing, spirituality, revolutionary electronics, and new age thought.

Ambient in its physical form is an amateur interactive multimedia magazine that works in Windows 3.1 and Windows '95. Text versions (for Mac users, etc.) are also available.

Be certain that anyone can write for ambient. We will accept any original essays, odd poetry, pertinent information or news, and reviews of software, music, video, or literature. Look for more information in the Information page.

If you have any comments, questions, complaints, praise, or insults to send our way, please e-mail us. We openly welcome e-mail and we always get around to answering it.

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