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Rhys Chatham Towards a Musical Agenda for the Nineties
Steve Reich Roger Sutherland discusses the early minimalist music of Steve Reich
The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom: how far is too far? Industrial musicians have been noted for their use of pseudo-fascist imagery since Throbbing Gristle, but is there a thin line between artistic exploration and actual support?
The Unacceptable Face Of Plagiarism?: Everyone's doing it - Negativland, John Oswald, the Tape-Beatles, to name but a few.
Muzak and Background Art: "Music is art, but Muzak is science."
A Prehistory of Industrial Music: a wide-ranging history of the performance art, literary, technological and musical currents that form industrial music's heritage (previously unpublished)
EST's Favourite Gigs of 1994 (omitted from EST 6 due to lack of space)
Phill Niblock
Hit the Floor Column from EST 2: Techno! Techno! Techno!
Hit the Floor Column from EST 3: more Techno! Techno! etc!)
Hit the Floor Column from EST 5: Pete Namlook