Onomatopoeia Interview

Onomatopoeia Discography

It's Onomatopoeia LP (Cheeses International) [So I put her in the torpedo tube / A free dead dog with every jar / From the board of irresponsible people / It was due to a disordered mind]

I am no longer infected / I thought it was because you were interested in me the human being On 2x10" (Empty Records)

This is a lingerie shop, sir On Motop 2 CD (If Records)

I don't like the sound of his liver On Stinky Horse Fuckers CD (SHF)

Shortly forthcoming:

Small particles of bitumen in chocolate cakes On Noise War double cassette (Mother Savage / RRR)

Shadows (with Mangled) On Death Odors CD (Slaughter Prod.)

Smell & Quim and Onomatopoeia - Symphony in Labia Minor CD (SHF / Cheeses International)

Also some written material in Printed Matter magazine (Cheeses International)

Discography prepared by and (C) Brian Duguid 1996.