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"Helston Flora Remix"

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Rephlex? Yes, I just had to chime in on this acid flashback courtesy of Mr. James and Wilson-Claridge. This 12" actually came out in two parts and I rushed out to pick it up the second one after hearing Dan Curtin spin it out in Columbus.

The cut that pulled me to the store (and subsequently watching Rephlex again) was the "Helston Flora Remix by AFX." This actually more of a "Flowers" remix than of "Normal," but that's why I picked up this gem--thanks to the Fast Forward show here in Detroit, I was lucky to hear several cuts off of Baby Ford's Ford Trax -- but after several plays, it was no secret that "Flowers" was Alan Oldham's favorite. It quickly became mine as well.

It was everything we vicariously imagined London's acid house scene to be--dadaistic, fun, and unbelievably brilliant. Richard James' mix, while every bit as "playful" as you'd expect from him, manages to wring some new dents into acid's somewhat flat evolutionary curve. He adds amazing depth to the track with a percussive FM-synthesized bass line (DX100), an understated but emphatic use of snares and even an answering machine cameo by Mr. Ford himself.

In fact, in some ways, James' mix is an improvement (wait a minute, did I just write that?).


P.S. There's a straightforward mix of "Normal" on here as well.

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