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Chairman of the Board: You're Gonna Love Me

(Familiy Funktion)


"You're Gonna Love Me"
[57k RealAudio]

Anyone who's been down to see the Family Funktion posse "run 't'ings" down at the legendary Alvin's on Wednesday nights knows what a blessing it's been to the Detroit scene -- growing in size and diversity with each passing week. Presumably some of the same fresh fellows behind the event, The Chairmen (Dr. TB Gillespie and DJ Jones) recreate the surprisingly laid back atmosphere of the club -- usually packed to the gills and charged with excitement.

"Oh You're Gonna Love Me" rocks the cradle with excellent guitar and vocal samples -- a short intro that sets the stage for the muted trumpet and organ blend of "After Hours." The Tek 9 comparisons come naturally, especially after checking "Second Nature." Galactic funk twinklings, an unlikely progression of piano notes and that characteristic swing ...

Delving even deeper into the haze and bliss of FF ambiance, "Consqequence" gets serious with a rolling bassline and disguised piano samples -- this one's undoubtedly the smartest use of sampling of the bunch. Having listened to It's Not What You Think It Is more times than I care to count, it's great to hear some new takes on instrumental hip-hop coming from Detroit. And don't get too wise or their rimshots'll smack you upside the head. Would you expect anything less from a Sinatra namesake? -DS

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