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Shake: Club Scam 2



"The Floorfiller"
[51k RealAudio]

Frictional has really been heating up as of late (physics pun unintended), issuing of eclectic and powerful releases. Most of the latest gems have come from the label's mastermind, Anthony Shakir. "Shake" wastes no time plunging into his new grooves -- "The Floorfiller" builds on a sinister stuttering piano loop, creating a dramatic variant of the "refried disco" sound. Even Shake is surprised at the resultant effect: "This one's bigger than me," he kids. Following Shake's disco transformer we have "Frictional Beat #3 v.2," an extended, quirky melody paired with a serious seismic beat. Weird juxtaposition ... but who's complaining?

"Plugged In" kicks off the B-side, returning to the bliss of the "switched-on" '70s. The naiveté of early flirtations with electronics in dance music still shines through here, even after enduring the rigors of Shake's EQ torture chamber. In fact, this one is affected so greatly in parts that it's hard to recall the original groove. And, just to balance out the EP, "Scatterbrained" adds a noisy, frenetic counterpart that is best summed up by its title. A funky assembly line of winches and pulleys scurry in every direction, bounded only by the insistent beat and occasional chord. Club Scam 2 is quite a ways from Mood Music for the Moody, and both EPs showcase Shakir's depth as an artist and producer -- though I'll bet he's only hinting at the possibilities.


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