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Various: From Beyond Vol. 1

(Interdimensional Transmissions)


"Version 19" [62k RealAudio]

Okay, so we're later than the proverbial "check in the mail" on this one, but we have to give props to From Beyond. This incredible series is already on its 2nd (if not 3rd) iteration already -- but this first one is still making us salivate. Interdimensional Transmissions has rounded up some of the best names in electronic music, from the heavy-hitters like Mike Paradinas and I-f to the up-and-coming stars like Godfather, and Le Car. Each has submitted an original track as well as a locked groove.

Le Car breaches the made-up "visage" of new wave and gives it a taser shock "Version 19" is almost mean-spirited, the way its melody lands on your eardrums like the screeching and buzzing of an Atari 2600 game.

Speaking of video games (as I often do), I-f has done the near impossible, transporting me back to the first time I played the damned game -- a lonely cocktail table version in the lobby of a Best Western. Now I have another reason to remember the rows of marching sprites. Much like Le Car's offering, "Space Invaders are Smoking Grass" merges the earnest analog sounds of synth-pop with more sophisticated 808 programming.

Sample pimp and Twilight 76 guru DJ Godfather brings us electro Detroit style -- with reconstructed heavy-breathing to boot. "Future Shock" sounds like a party cut at first, but there's none of the usual yelping or recognizable riffs. Instead, Godfather even adds a small (two-notes) bit of strings that gives this more of a dreamy feeling. Go figure.

-ziq might have the only offering that doesn't immediately sound appropriate, as he's in usual elastin-infusion mode here -- with every sound bouncing But, as "Hi-Q" progresses and gets tangled up in a string section along the way, it results in brilliant techno to compliment the mischief of the other 3 tracks.

Whew -- all that for 2 sides of vinyl! From Beyond makes for an amazing listen, as well as a sure-fire boost to any DJ's crate. We can only hope to be as much on the ball with our reviews as IT is with this series. -DS

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