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"Asian Amazons" [104k RealAudio]

"Kubi" [148k RealAudio]

I sure hope the identity of this group doesn't confound any listeners out there. By now we should all have learned how to spot these doppelgängers.

But in case you've let your detection skills slide, here's a quick refresher course:

Warning sign #1: An unnatural love for totems of the 1980s. Syncopated rhythms, 8-bit video game melodies, songs about modes of transportation and the best of German and Japanese tongue-in-cheek humor.

Warning sign #2: Impossibly funky basslines on tracks like "Asian Amazons"* and "Nipponse Robots" -- especially when combined with the effects of warning sign #1. Left unchecked, this type of synthesis evolves into some of the best electro-funk of any decade.

Warning sign #3: Red herrings. As if the precise arrangements and keyboard genetics weren't enough of a giveaway, the entity or entities behind Japanese Telecom leak out a bit four-on-the-floor aggression. "Kubi" (neck) definitely sticks out on the b-side.

Warning sign #4: When the reviewer breaks out his Japanese dictionary. Nihon-go de Speak n' Spell o nan te imas ka?


*This is the unlisted third cut on the A-side. It has more than a lot in common with "Nipponse Robots" on the flip.

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