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This one's a bit old (from last November!), but still worth another glance:

Qwerty. Great, now finally there's an answer as to why such a bizarre configuration of our alphabet has been in use all these years. Or maybe this is another great record. Read into what you will.

The title cut is very interesting electro territory: the beats don't dominate the production at all. Instead, it's Hart's keyboard work that makes it sound refreshingly "unprogrammed" and much more improvised than one would expect. In fact, "Qwerty" doesn't build in the traditional dance floor fashion, but plays out a sort of synth-narrative over its lightsaber bassline.

Less forgiving is "Negotiation," which spreads out a very stark and foreboding atmosphere for a series of "analog arguments" to punch through and make themselves known. The song starts to gel together about midstream, but the stage has already been set for an almost cinematic horror.

The B-side opens the door to much noisier environs, much like walking upstairs into a well-occupied video arcade. The cacophony of "Re-aktion" does begin to subside when the strings come in to give the track some breathing room ... only to return with a vengeance on "Sparks" for full-on analog chirping and unorthodox beats.

It's great to hear Andi Hart's Drexciyan dramas played out with such enthusiasm and adventurousness. Definitely a talent to watch.


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