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Fusion: Never Forget It
(Planet E)


"Block out the World"
[60k RealAudio]

Techno luminary and Ferox head Russ Gabriel brings us this 10" release of gravity-defying funk and high-spirited melody, starting with the lead track "Never Forget It." We won't. This one's pitch range is somewhere between Stars on 45 and a helium-addicted Gary Numan -- yet it doesn't sound tongue-in-cheek, only soulful. Got that?

"Block out the World" best sums up the sentiments of all headphone-bound techno freaks: "Leave us alone with our casual beats and sustained notes!" These type of tracks leave the armchair critics jonesing for more. Gabriel creates a contrasting mood here not unlike the old Speedy J's old opus "De-orbit" -- all iron filings and cotton candy.

Finally we have "Dirty Kay, " a fucked up hip-hop groove like something Da Sampla might throw at us. The rigidly looped sample and quirky analogs start to wobble and unravel as it progresses ... complete with brave Mayday-style picth-bending nose-dives. All this on a 10" for a label that's not your own? Bless you, Russ. -DS

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