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Flexitone: Rotoreliefs
(Planet E)


[50k RealAudio]

Some of the best examples of the so-called "electro revival" shed the campier aspects that crept into earlier incarnations. Drexciya, Autechre and others have tapped into the contorted basslines and hissing beat patterns of electro╣s dark side. Flexitone extends these ventures with their sinister Rotoreliefs EP.

Lifted and extended from the Planet E compilation,Elements of and Experiments with Sound, "Pulse of Revolution" whispers its quirky funk and thumps its kick drum once more. Flexitone goes out of its way to flesh out the spherical "revolution" them with a synth line that fades in and out like a terse orbit of the Sun. Lower in profile is "Intergalactic Pimps" (perhaps a nod to Planet E honcho Carl Craig) -- an odd, whistling and buzzing affair that rumbles along with the muddled definition of distant thunder.

If the first side doesn't unnerve you, Flexitone stacks its deck of Magic cards against you for the second, waiting patiently with evil smirks. "Metacognition" is truly a bizarre trump card: tweaked out synths mesh with a creepy, bellowing bassline and layered backwards masking that is downright frightening. Rotoreliefs is as paranormal and hypnotic as the op art on the disc itself. -DS

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