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Jeff Mills: Kat Moda EP

(Purpose Maker)


"Kat Race"
[57k RealAudio]

Dams burst. Babies cry. Speakers blow. Innocent record store employees are trampled. These are the tell-tale signs of a new Jeff Mills record. But post-launch hysteria over time will ferment to a more sane appraisal of what is really happening inbetween the Purpose Maker grooves.

The Kat Moda EP is another excursion into Jeff's mix-tool techno. Raw and from the hip, "The Bells" immediatley dives into an energetic lead line backed by a raw, punchy kick and relentless ride cymbals. The final third of the track morphs into a rising bassline, which carries it out of the mayhem into a deeper, pumping outtro. (Spotters will recognize this cut as a standout on his "Live at the Liquid Room" mix CD.)

"Kat Race" and "Alarms" drive along more dense tonal paths. Quirky synth bites or clicks filter in and out of the funky percussion. "Cyclone" is a nervous, synth-looped structure with thick, muted kicks. The only highs are snares or side-sticks - right when you need them.

Steering clear of cliche, Mills offers a variety of pumping utility techno here. Overall, a bit darker and (more deliberately?) raw than it's label predecessors, the beauty of these tracks comes from Jeff's keen sense of arranging, boosting and cutting the range of frequencies in raw, floor-filling tracks. -MM

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