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Trash Aesthetic EP

(Plug Research)


[50k RealAudio]

I'm always a bit skeptical of techno coming from LA, but these guys are breaking new ground like a bass-bin earthquake. If you've been sleeping on the past few Plug Research slabs, let this Trash Aesthetic be your wake up call. File this in the play crate and mix it with the Purpose Maker, Octave One, or even your darker gritty minimal cuts. It's thumping, funky kick-drum pattern variations are offset by spooky filtered highs and noisy whines. For a label with a lot of experimental (dare I say "arty") music in their back catalog, this release stays true to their risk-taking approach, yet combines it with percussion that transmits right to the dancefloor.

Trash Aesthetic is a joint work between Mannequin Lung and Low Res, who earned quite a bit of respect with the "Thorn ep" on Sublime (and some Juan Atkins remixes as well). Keep an eye out for their upcoming release on Metroplex. -MM


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