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Reverb originally came into being via a wonderful authoring tool for the Macintosh , called "Museum." This application was created by progammer Rustle Laidman. Below are the original eight issues in all their low-tech splendor, originally distributed as stand-alone Macintosh applications before the web ruled the bitstream.

If (and as) time allows, these older issues may be re-sampled into webpages so those using other OS platforms can enjoy them as well.

Reverb 1.8 - Tracking DJ T-1000's Sonik Domination ... Aidin Vaziri gets a dose of Common Sense. graphics from issue 1.8
Download issue 1.8 : [2140k - hqx] or Download PDF file [857k]

Reverb 1.7 - Renegade Soundwave Respond to Bass ... Jamie Hodge waxes celestial with The Black Dog. graphics from issue 1.7
Download issue 1.7 : [1859k - hqx]

Reverb 1.6 - Go to Analog Heaven with Born Under a Rhyming Planet ... Galliano's Plot Thickens. graphics from issue 1.6
Download issue 1.6 : [2095k - hqx]

Reverb 1.5 - Drexciya, Brian Eno and The Brand New Heavies. What kind of magazine was this again? graphics from issue 1.5
Download issue 1.5 : [1880k - hqx]

Reverb 1.4 - Enter the House of God w/D.H.S. ... witness the Solsonics' force. graphics from issue 1.4
Download issue 1.4 : [1788k - hqx]

Reverb 1.3 - Play Funkee music with Del ... Study Ultramarine biology. graphics from issue 1.3
Download issue 1.3 : [1178k - hqx]

Reverb 1.2 - Time becomes a loop with Orbital ... Detroit apparrel gets Tasty. graphics from issue 1.2
Download issue 1.2 : [603k - hqx]

Reverb 1.0 - Is this thing on? The debut, featuring Vapourspace and De La Soul. graphics from issue 1.0
Download issue 1.0 : [502k - hqx]

fast forward

Before there was Reverb, I (with the dubious "Digital Dan" tagline) helped Alan Oldham flesh out his Fast Forward radio program into a newsletter, distributed in small numbers around Detroit and faxed all over Europe. Presented here are two issues from 1991 (!), converted into PDF documents.

To view these you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader

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