REVERB: 1993-2000

After seven years of digital existence, Reverb, or, will cease to publish further updates.

Starting as a section in the old print fanzine Anti-Matter, Reverb became one of the first Internet-only magazines. Launched in a stand-alone Macintosh format, the digital version of Reverb was distributed via FTP and several online services -- well before the Web came into being. Reverb also grew along with the maturing Detroit techno sound, especially its connections to Berlin and the early Basic Channel imprint. With other features ranging from De La Soul to reviews of Bill Laswell projects, it had a much larger focus in mind.

That all changed with its first full-fledged Web presence in 1997, as Reverb launched with increased concentration on the Detroit sound and related developments in and around the city itself. Unfortunately for its audience, editor Dan Sicko had another task to complete. "Techno Rebels: The Renegades of Electronic Funk" was published in 1999, but occupied the bulk of the two years prior. Reverb has seen a few updates since, but a major redesign or additional content seemed increasingly unlikely.

"It's time for some consolidation," says Sicko. "Detroit techno has a wider base of listeners and support than it has ever had, and a narrowly-focused Web zine isn't going to reach them."

With that, it should be said that Sicko won't be moving far from Reverb's home on The FAQ (or frequently asked questions) for the "313" mailing list will now be his responsibility, as will its Web presence (

About the editor

A Detroit native, Dan Sicko (*pronounced Seek-oh) has been writing about techno music for over ten years. His articles have appeared in print and online through publications such as Wired, Rolling Stone, Urb, Spin and Res. Dan lives with his wife and daughter just outside Detroit.

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