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we are back

Did you ever set your tape deck to record , come back after a few hours and find you forgot to de-press the pause button?

Multiply that feeling by about two years, and you'll approximate the stunned feeling we have here at Reverb HQ. We fell prey to the oldest trap in Web publishing: link rot. And for that, we apologize. A lot has happened in and around the Detroit scene in the last 24 months -- in the record bins, behind the decks, on stage and even on the radio. But a lot has happened in our personal lives as well: 2 new jobs, umpteen mixtapes, 1 engagment and the publication of a book.

Consider this update, and the NEW reviews that accompany it, as a sign of much more to come from Reverb. The tape is rolling again--let's just hope we don't tape over an old Wizard mix show.

--Dan Sicko (08/20/99)

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