From the editor,

Originally, I started out this little message with a long-winded paragraph beginning with: Well my dearest readers, this seems to have been the issue that the XLR8R staff fucked off on a wild drug binge leaving me holding the the stick, or whatever. Do I sound angry? Well I am. I then went on and on about the youth culture of today and what a bunch of slack fuckers they all are (excluding myself). And then I ran out of steam and had a change in heart. Sure everyone, including the advertisers, didn't even come close to making their deadlines, and yet again I had to push that publication date back another handful of days (that's why we dropped the month thing and went to a strictly numerical system), but I don't really care. I mean why get all bent out of shape about the laziness of The Newest Generation of Potheads? However, if I don't stress and don't make a fuss then nothing ever get finished. So that leaves me a high-strung, over-worked wreck and the rest of the world a bunch of shuffling, guilty stoners.

Andrew Smith, Publisher

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Matthew Corwine, Online Editor